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December 2008

Sometimes you get lucky. This customer came in with a Diamond "Pull Away" plow. He was looking for a mount. They are scarce. It just so happens another customer of ours had one he wanted to sell that fit this 96 Dodge Ram 3500. Here it is mounted on the truck. Just need to rebuild the pump and go over the plow.
One motor bolt was snapped off in the Diamond (Meyer) E-47H plow pump. Lift ram is pitted bad. Drilling the pilot holes to tap the new motor bolt threads in the E-47 pump.
New Pump Shaft Seal installed, all cleaned up. New O Rings for the Sump Base and Top Cap ready to install. Another Meyer E-47 in for a rebuild.
Not too bad inside. You'll see A LOT worse on this page.
Almost all back together and ready to test. Dodge Ram 3500 with Meyer Classic Mount. Had the lift frame and pump stolen. We supplied this used one. It had the brackets for the lights cut off. We fabricated these light brackets and welded them on.
When this plow was assembled, the Center Pivot Bolt was installed from the top down, a rookie mistake. You can see the gouge under it where it scrapes the base angle every time the plow trips. There is NO EXCUSE for this. Customer claims from day one the lift arm hits the back of the moldboard when stacking! I can't believe the original dealer let the plow leave like this!
I mean just LOOK at it! The A Frame is TOO SHORT. Here we see a new problem. With the Meyer E-60 installed, NOW the plow can hit the Angle Block when stacking. It can, but it won't, because it will BE FIXED PROPERLY or it doesn't leave!
Another view. This was not planned for. It was late, but it was corrected with new stops on the Lift Frame. The repair was done at 1am so the plow could be picked up first thing in the morning as promised. No additional pics! This Meyer E-46 plow pump was shipped to us from New Hampshire for repair. Customer installed brand new motor and this E-46 would not lift. Doesn't look bad right?
Well looks can be deceiving! It was explained that even if rebuilt, the pump itself could be shot based on the conditions inside the unit. Definitely sat a LONG time with water in it. Lift Ram and Lift Cylinder were shot.
Look at all the rust, and remnants of ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) which is NOT GOOD to use in plow pumps. We found another problem. The arrow is pointing to a piece of wire. The wire goes into the High Pressure Port on the front of the unit, and comes out the side. The base is cracked and shot. The water in the unit froze, and cracked the port.
Another view. You can see the casting year, 1979. We will get back to this one. Had to wait for customer to advise how to proceed.
Meyer E-47 on Meyer TC-200 Test Stand. Customer came in with GMC 1500 with headlight problems. Look where the upfitter installed the headlight modules! They did it with the bumper off the truck.
They also hid the Daytime Running Light Module behind the bumper! The power wire was pulled out of the connector. Had to lengthen it to make it reach. Not sure how it ever reached. Driver's side headlight module. We relocated them to an accessible location.
Another Meyer E-47 in for a rebuild. Back to that E-46 with the cracked base above. This is a used sump base.
Another Meyer E-47 in for a rebuild. Sump Base Screen was almost plugged solid.
Screen plugged. A LOT of gunk inside.
Back to the E-46 from New Hampshire. The pump was shot too. We installed a used one. A Meyer E-57 plow pump in for a lift problem. Found Pump Check Valve O Ring blown out. Also, found a RED ANT nest inside the motor! Hard to believe in December they could still be alive, and inside the motor too!
Another Meyer E-47 plow pump in for rebuild. Plow would not stay up. Found torn Lift Cylinder Base O Ring.
The other half still stuck in the sump base. Another view. You can see the Sump Base casting year.
This was a core we bought. Looked good on the outside, and "it worked great the last time I used it" is what the customer told us. A shame it was stored outdoors with water in it. High Pressure Port bulged and cracked. A closer look. Just like that Meyer E-46 above with the piece of wire through it.
Another Meyer E-47 in for rebuilding. A little rust inside.
We've seen worse. Installed mount and wiring on this Dodge Ram. Customer had plow set up from other vehicle.
A Meyer E-60 in for rebuilding. This is what didn't come out of the drain plug. This is the 96 Dodge Ram. It had a plow on it before. Look how close the butt connector is to the socket, and the wires are exposed. It would NEVER leave here like this!


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