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November 2008


Meyer E-47 shipped to us from Massachusetts. Pump was stored on its side with water in it.
Lots of junk, mostly from having water in it. This A Coil came apart easily. It is not supposed to. The cover came right off. We had to pry the coil off the A Valve. You can see the Quality Control stamp on it from 1994. We replaced it. All that rust and corrosion is going to interfere with it grounding properly.
Another Meyer E-47, but during the rebuild we converted it to an H (High Lift) Model. This is a Cherokee Sport that came in for wiring replacement. You can see that originally "quick splice" type connectors were used during the install. WE DO NOT USE THEM. WE REFUSE TO USE THEM. Look how close they were installed here to the socket! The wires for the plow lights caught fire and melted into a pretzel!
Here is what we use. Butt connectors. But no ordinary ones. We ONLY use Thomas & Betts nylon Butt Connectors. They are then covered in TRIPLE WALL ADHESIVE LINED heat shrink tubing. The T&B connectors are 10 times more expensive than the junk ones most shops use. MUCH neater, and we know the connection will remain tight, dry, and corrosion free for many years to come. We DO NOT use solder. To each his own, but we feel solder makes the wires brittle.
Had to get a pic of the plow. We patched this Western 6' 6" plow. You can see that job here. IF your battery looks like this, you are going to have plow problems! Doesn't take long to clean the connections and spray them with Fluid Film to keep them clean.

F-250 - Came in for Meyer Classic Mount, Wiring, and to have pump gone over.


Meyer Classic Mount and wiring done.


Meyer ST-78 on a Jeep came in for Fall Service - Change fluid, go over plow. Meyer E-47 Pump needed to be rebuilt. This customer had us repair his eBay find over the summer. The Meyer E-47 Plow Pump needed a new base. He came back with another problem for us to correct.
The problem was when stacking snow, the A Frame would come up, and the swivel fitting on the Angle Ram would get crushed against the lift frame, and snap off the fitting. This is NOT the correct A Frame for this application. Like I said, bought on eBay.... We torched off the old stops on the Meyer Classic Mount Lift Frame, that were useless.
Locals might recognize this truck. We fabricated a crossbrace out of 3/8" thick stock, and added two additional brackets to take the force of the hose guards hitting. Not the best stops, but in this situation (NON-COMMERCIAL) they will work fine. The hose guards on the A Frame hit this crossbrace before the swivel fittings get wiped out.
Another problem we found while the truck was in. The Meyer ST-7.5 cutting edge appeared to have some loose bolts holding it on. You can see the bolt circled, and the gap between the moldboard and cutting edge. View of the back side. You can see the gap. The bolts were NOT loose!
The bolts ROTTED AWAY in between the Meyer ST-7.5 Moldboard and the cutting edge! Another Meyer E-47 Plow Pump  rebuild. Casting year 1979. This was sent to us from New Hampshire.
All done. On the test stand. Ready to ship back to New Hampshire. Nice little Ford Ranger came in for wiring of the Meyer Nite Saber lights and Touchpad control.
Nice little truck. Father and Son project. GMC in for wiring the Meyer E-47 Plow Pump with a Slik Stik controller, and older style Truck Lite plow lights. WE DID NOT INSTALL THIS MOUNT.
Meyer TM-6.5 on a Nissan. We rebuilt this pump in the spring of 08. It was in for another problem. Pivot repair. Pivot was sloppy. Previous owner put an oddball bolt in with 11/16" shoulder and a metric thread nut. Had to drill hole out to 3/4" to correct problem. Took Sector to machine shop to bore out. We drilled the A Frame here.

11-20-08 A customer wanted us to repair an old ST-78, but there was nothing salvageable.
We agreed to build him a new one instead. Building a plow.


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