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Updated 1-29-18

Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" Page

I wish I had a chance to plow with one of these Toyota Tacoma trucks myself.
Moving them around in the lot it is easy to see they will make great little plow trucks.

January 2018 Update:

Another 2011 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" install.

Our Facebook Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" Albums (you must log in to see them):

2015 Tacoma

2014 Tacoma

2011 Tacoma

2015 Tacoma

2013 Tacoma

It should also be noted that Toyota changed the bumper / grille in 2016, so the 18502 Mounting Carton will not fit 2016 & up. Meyer modified it to move the plow forward a couple of inches to clear the bumper, and changed the part number to 18533 which is backwards compatible, so it fits 2005 - 2017. Also. the 07180 Headlight Adapter fits 2005 - 2015, because in 2016 the headlights also changed, and the correct Meyer Headlight Adapter is 07782.

2012 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8"
First black Tacoma. Looks great!

Before. Clevis on and 1 Piece Plug mounted. All done. Love the black.
3/4 view. 1 Piece Plug mounted in lower grille. Lots of places do not mount them. It is rare for me not a find a place to mount it.



2009 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6' 8" Plow Install

Before. This is one reason why it is my favorite install. Plenty of room to mount necessary items in reasonable places with easy access. The headlights and turn signal / markers can even be unplugged without tools!
Same on the passenger side. All done!

Good Morning Chuck,

I want to thank you for the professional service and installation you
provided with the purchase of my Meyer Drive Pro Snow Plow.

It is rare to encounter a business today where the owner and employees are so
proud of the products they sell and the quality of the work they do. It was

I don't know how many people I'll encounter that are looking to buy a snow
plow but be assured I will recommend Smith Brothers Services should the
chance arrive.

Thanks again,

John Fischer


2011 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Drive Pro 6'8"


I love Tacoma installs. They turn out so neat and clean. I love Tacoma installs. They turn out so neat and clean. After After


2012 Toyota Tacoma

2012 Toyota Tacoma with Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" Snow Plow mounted.
2012 Toyota Tacoma - Before 2012 Toyota Tacoma - After 2012 Toyota Tacoma - After

Here you can see the mount. No cutting, no trimming. The plug mounts nicely too.

2012 Toyota Tacoma Meyer Snow Plow Mount
(Click for a larger view)


2006 Tacoma 2006 Tacoma 2006 Tacoma


New Upgrade - We put a Crankstand on a Drive Pro 6'8"

This truck had a leveling kit and larger tires that made the plow mount 3" too high. So we cut the ears off the A Frame...

... and made new ones from 3/4" plate that were 3" taller to make up the difference.

New ears welded on and first coat of Meyer black on them.

2008 Tacoma with leveling kit and larger tires.



Another Tacoma with a Meyer Drive Pro 6'8"


This is a 2010 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road, with a Meyer Drive Pro 6'8".
Factory back up camera built into tailgate, monitor built into center rearview mirror.



Here is a 2008 4 door Tacoma TRD Sport. What a nice truck. Will be adding pics of another Tacoma next week.


The 2006 below was more agile than the other one, as the 2006
is a standard cab. The Maroon one below is a 4 door model.

We mounted a Meyer Drive Pro on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. - Click on any image for a larger view.

This Drive Pro 6'8" was prior to the molded plastic cover that is now standard on all Meyer Drive Pro
E-58H Hydraulic units. The customer is very happy with the Drive Pro on his Tacoma.


Another Tacoma

We like to do the wiring first, then the mount. The bracket for the 1 piece plug is not something we like. At least it is tucked
in some compared to other vehicle installs we have done. Front bumper designs are making it harder and harder to
accommodate a plow plug on all vehicles. It is a painstaking job in itself to find a place that does not look horrible.
This customer is very happy with his Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" too.


Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" Parts List


Meyer Part # Weight
Moldboard DP 6.8 Steel Drive Pro 09274 134
Mounting Carton Toyota Tacoma 2005 - 2011 18502 27.4
Clevis & Lift Frame 16601 82.8
Sector/A-Frame Carton: 16600 103.4
E-58H Hydraulic Carton:  15988 88.17
Nite Saber 1 Plow Light Carton: 07234 10
Headlight Adapter:  07180 0.5

The Drive Pro 6'8" Universal Clevis weighs 18.6 pounds
The Mounting Carton weighs 27.4 pounds
Figure the wiring, Modules, and Solenoid weigh 10 pounds
So with the plow off, you have added about 56 pounds to your front end.
By comparison a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 EZ Classic or EZ Plus Mount adds about 130 pounds.



This is the 2006 Toyota Tacoma that is at the top of this page. The owner came in to complain that the shoes do not hold the blade off the ground. He has a gravel driveway. Meyer sent out a set of replacement shoes at no charge that do keep the cutting edge about 2" off the ground. I had originally taken these pics to show Meyer the problem. In the top picture "No Ballast", the plow was on float, on the ground. I took the picture. I then made sure the plow was in "Float", and pushed the lift arm all the way down. It made no difference, so I did not take another picture. I then had my Brother stand on the back bumper, and he weighs over 350 pounds. You can see how much of a difference (using the red line I put on each pic as a reference) it made in getting the plow to sit at the proper angle. Ideally, the Power Angle Rams should be parallel to the ground. I always say it is a good idea to start with 300 pounds of ballast secured in the bed of the truck up against the tailgate, and go up from there to as much as 500 pounds (on fullsize trucks). When a plow is on, the truck will have much better traction with ballast.

For comparison, here is a Toyota Tundra, with an STL-7.5 on it. The A Frame is literally 2" off the ground just below the blue handle pin.
Due to the low ride height of the Tundra, I try to discourage owners from putting plows on them. We did not install this one, it came in for maintenance.

Jeep Wrangler Installs Page

Main Meyer Plow Installs Page

Here are some Upgrades for all you Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" owners:

Since the pump is attached with pins, it allows a lot of movement. replace the pins with bolts.
Pump Mounting Bolt Kit -

Meyer Plow Pump Mounting Bolt Kit


Meyer Plow Pump Mounting Bolt Kit

Mounting Bolt kit for EZ Custom, and EZ Classic Mountings, fits E-47, E-57, and E-60 with pictured Lift Arm. Also fits Meyer Drive Pro 6'8". LIFT ARM NOT INCLUDED.


Manufacturer: Aftermarket

The King Bolt that is standard on the Drive Pro 6'8" is just a grade 8 Bolt. Replace it with a greaseable Grade 8.
King Bolt with grease Fitting -

Meyer TM Series King Bolt With Grease Fitting - also fits Drive Pro 6'8"

SKU: M13591

Meyer TM Series King Bolt With Grease Fitting - also fits Drive Pro 6'8"

Grade 8 King Bolt with Grease Fitting for Meyer TM Series Plows. Also fits Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" upgrading from the standard King Bolt with NO grease Fitting.


Manufacturer: Genuine Meyer

The Pivot Pins can be replaced with Pivot Bolts that also are greaseable.
Pivot Bolt with Grease Fitting -

Meyer TM Pivot Bolt with grease fitting- Also fits Drive Pro 6'8"

SKU: M13753

Meyer TM Pivot Bolt with grease fitting- Also fits Drive Pro 6'8"

Pivot Bolt with Grease Fitting for TM series plows. Sold EACH. Also fits Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" (which would be an upgrade from the standard Drive Pro pin). This is NOT the Center Pivot Bolt (King Bolt).

$28.25 ea. (there are 2 on the plow)

Manufacturer: Genuine Meyer



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